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Botworld Adventure Tier List 2022

Either way, a bow build is useful in a variety of situations. If you’re a fan of the Rapier, you can even use a Bow and spec into the Bleed passive for Rain of Arrows. The One-Handed Sword is the best tanking weapon in the game, as it is the only weapon that botworld bot tier list benefits from a dedicated shield. Moreso, a shield’s defensive and crowd control capabilities make it perfect for controlling the pace of a fight. Not to mention some skills have a radius that makes it great for handling enemy NPCs in the open world.

botworld bot tier list

Pluggie, unlike other Splashers, does not deal splash damage, instead of dealing damage that bounces between four foes at a maximum range of four. This nearly always results in incredibly high damage to at least two, if not three bots. He also has a baseline bouncing stun that deals a lot of damage and drains ultimate charge. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for the newest mobile gaming news, guides, tier list, and other related updates. Bullwark is by far the most straightforward of the multiple tanks. His motion is adequate, and he possesses a front-facing defense that mitigates damage. It absorbs a lot of damage, and he’s usually facing the bot that’s fighting him, but his shield is deactivated when he’s stunned. So here is every Bot you will see from the Botworld Adventure tier list, and this is how you can utilize your gaming to top rank with the help of those all bots. Please pick up the Botworld Adventure best Bot from this listed tier list, and it won’t ever fail you to make the gaming into the next level experience.

Botworld Adventure

Players start by choosing to be either a cat, dog, buffalo or lizard and customize their characters to express their personalities. The goal of Botworld Adventure is to find new bots while also exploring a beautiful, diverse world. The game features a large number of adorable bots, memorable situations, and a solid set of in-game mechanisms. You can meet new characters, go on a treasure quest, and journey through lush green forests in a variety of locales. Without a doubt, the best characters are typically essential to win every match when playing an RPG. There you have it, Botworld Adventure Tier List provided by the Botworld Adventure community . For the latest mobile gaming news,guides,codesand mobile esports ofbest gamesfollow UCN Game onTwitterandFacebook.

Well, these tiers are assigned based on their performance at the endgame, their level-up capacity, and their performance and synergy in teams as well. Since we have mentioned that some weapons are very broken, we figured it’s worth mentioning the most OP New World weapon combos too. To start, the most obvious one is the Hatchet Berseker build, combined with a Life staff. The reason why is Symbolic AI because the Berserker Hatchet build loves cheating death and healing from attacks. Add in the Life staff, regardless of the specialization, and you have a rather unkillable build. The Hatchet’s damage comes from light attacks and the occasional skill, especially while Berserk is active. It is really good for solo content, with a passive health regen and a solid movement speed increase.

How Often Is The Botworld Adventure Tier List Updated?

Perhaps some rebalancing so that it doesn’t feel mediocre one minute and completely unstoppable in the Bersker window? It’s one of those weapons that can cause chaos, with its incredibly generous 10m charge and an 8-meter grapple. The added magnetization on its heavy attacks ensures no one can get away. However, the Great Axe’s slow swing speed makes it vulnerable to dodges. If the Grapple ability is not up, then there’s room to outplay the Great Axe.

This allows him to toss the tank behind him and continue on his way. These, together with his exceptional ability to work well with others, place him in the top tier. Bullwark belongs to the Tank Class and is a rare type. The Bullwark is the most conventional of the three tanks. His movement speed is sufficient, and he has a front-facing shield that protects him from damage. It absorbs a lot of damage, and he’s usually facing the bot that’s fighting him, but when he’s stunned, his shield is deactivated. For all you tank hero fans out there, this is a typical tank-type bot.